Tower Cranes

During the past several years, we began to see more of our hourly crane customers become interested in self erecting tower cranes for their large custom home projects.  Self erectors have been the mainstay in Europe for decades and are gaining popularity in the states.  Our extensive research of these machines led us to Creative Lifting Services of Denver.  The owner, Will Webb, has been working with Benazzato Gru for years to help them develop their North American market.  Benazzato’s products incorporate features that arguably make their cranes the best available.   Please take a moment to look over some of the self erector’s features and benefits and feel free to call with any questions you may have.  Also, take a look at the Model Information for the cranes we have available.

Benazzato’s line of self erecting tower cranes offers:

  • One of the widest assortments available so you get the exact crane you need, nothing more, nothing less
  • Working jib lengths from 91’ to 137’
  • Hook heights from 63’ to 107’
  • Capacities from 2,200 to 11,025 lbs
  • Advanced electronics for smoother, faster operations
  • Electronics that allow all models to run off of 220-240 Volt Single Phase Power
  • No need for a Generator

Leasing a tower crane from Montana Crane Service offers several advantages. We have been in the crane business for over 25 years. Our knowledge and experience will help you select the proper crane for your project. We also provide the tools and guidance to ensure you get the most out of your crane rental.  We offer on demand training that exceeds Montana’s requirements. Our students have a 100% pass rate on the Montana Tower Crane Exam.  In addition to leasing self erecting tower cranes, we offer:

  • New and used tower crane sales
  • Traditional and city tower crane leasing and erection
  • Sales, installation, erection, service and inspection on most makes and models
  • Rigging and lifting accessories (trash skips, man baskets, concrete buckets, crane scales, spreaders, etc.)

Tower Crane pic

Tower crane in action