Lift Planning

Montana Crane Service can provide engineered lift planning for any project from a simple lift to a complex multi crane lift with numerous obstructions and challenges. We use a variety of resources such as AutoCAD, 3D Lift Plan, and good old pencil and paper to complete the appropriate lift plan for the project. Our personnel will complete a site survey, review plans and drawings, perform test lifts, or whatever is necessary to determine the conditions of a particular lift and use this information to complete the final lift plan.

A formal lift plan is a valuable tool that will make a project safer and will often make the work more efficient and help to avoid costly delays. There are times when a lift plan may be required by OSHA, MDOT or other regulating agencies and our lift plans are sure to fulfill the requirements of these agencies. We also have company policies in place that require a formal lift plan to be completed on selected projects if certain conditions are present.

Lift planning in action