Rigging & Accessories

All of our cranes are equipped with an adequate assortment of nylon and steel slings along with shackles for day to day use.  Most of our cranes carry one or two spreader beams on a daily basis. We also stock a large selection of specialized rigging to make each job safe and efficient.  We are glad to help you determine what the most suitable rigging and accessories are for your job.

Lifting Attachements and Accessories

  • Suspended Man Baskets
  • Pinned Man Baskets
  • Concrete Buckets
  • Pallet Forks
  • Trash and Material Skips
  • Steel Lifting Plates
  • Drywall Forks
  • Clam Shell Buckets
  • Wrecking Balls

Specialized Rigging

  • Long/heavy Slings 60,000lb+
  • Rated Chain Hoists
  • Expandable Spreader Beams
  • Box Type Spreader Beams
  • Tilt-up Spreader Beams and Rigging
  • Truss Spreaders and Hooks

Other Items

  • Heavy Timber Mats
  • Steel Transfer and Lifting Plates
  • Large Selection of Cribbing


We operate a complete welding shop and employ professional certified welders.   This allows us to fabricate specialty rigging to meet any particular job's needs. 

crane setting tower

crane setting tower

crane setting tower