Past Projects

West Yellowstone Entrance
Canopy Relocation

This was a very exciting project to be a part of, we not only appreciate the work, we are proud to have been a part of it. This canopy is about 40 years old, 100' wide, 50' across, and 40' tall and weighed in at about 140,000 lbs. The park wanted to move it in approximatly 700' and install it on a new foundation.

The integrity of this structure relied heavily on the concrete foundations that it was bolted to. In order to lift it off of the foundations with out it splitting in to pieces, we installed several tensioning cables between the legs to replace the thrust that the foundation supplied, we also chained each of the main truss joints together and installed cross bracing between the trusses.

We used three cranes to lift the structure, our 140 ton on one side with a custom built spreader beam. And our 70 and 75 tons on the other side rigged directly to each truss. This gave us the best control during the lift. We lifted the structure onto two double trailers and bolted on heavy brackets that allowed the structure to swivel on the trailers. We pulled the structure down to the new site and lifted it into place.

Several months of planning and work went in to this project, but it was all worth it. Everything went very smoothly on this project despite completing most of the work in an intense blizzard.

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