Past Project - Butte Public Archives Building

This was almost a typical pre-cast panel set for Oswood Construction Company.  The only hang up was that the rear wall of the building needed to be stood up beneath some high voltage power lines.  Typically the power lines would have been temporarily re-routed for the walls to safely be set.  However these particular lines feed St. James Hospital and since re-routing requires temporary outage, the power company would not do this.  Instead we needed to work around the lines (actually beneath the lines). 

To do this we designed and fabricated a pair of spreaders to lift the panels correctly while gaining maximum head space.  We also needed to use a smaller crane to work under the lines and maintain safe clearance.  The site required us to use a larger crane to offload and pass the panels to the smaller crane without setting them on the ground.


Watch a Video of the Handoff




Crane lifting wall