Semi hauling Crane

Heavy Hauling

Although Heavy Hauling and Trucking is not a major focus in our business, it is a natural addition to any Crane Service.  We are fully equipped and experienced at hauling equipment up to 65 tons.  We have a selection of tractors, lowboys, flatbeds and enclosed van trailers to meet most needs.  We typically keep our range relatively tight (within 200 miles of Bozeman).

We are very experienced in off-road hauling and have several trucks and trailers that are very will suited for the mountains.  We even have a D5 Cat equipped to tow a 40 ton tag trailer.  We have used this setup several times to get heavy loads where you typically would not be able to without fabricating a skid.

Heavy Hauling truck

D5 Cat hauling

Truck hauling heavy awkward load